Prepare Your Child to Make Thoughtful, Well-Informed Decisions Regarding Sex, Gender & Sexuality by Going Beyond “The Talk”

This is the first ever curriculum-based program for You the parents -AND- for Your teen and preteen to complete on their own (or with you) that can be a High School Credit and help YOU and your Preteen and Teen with a series of micro-discussions GO BEYOND “THE TALK!” - versus trying to prepare for one talk that can explain it all.

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There's nothing more important than family. With the right approach, you won't burn the bridge connecting you to your child. ​

  • Families who are more open to discussion see 5x less violence in the household. 

  • Children with parents who go that extra mile to make their kids feel safe at home, are 286% more likely to open up. Plus, they become better listeners and show more empathy.

  • Parents who remove their ego and listen to what the child is saying, make an immediate impact - AND - if the parent GOES THERE and initiates they change their children’s world - (Don’t Wait On Them to Come To YOU!)  ​


If you can relate to what your child is going through, it's easier to connect. Take the time to sit back and remember what it was like.

  • Communication is not when you feel understood,  but rather when your child feels understood by you. 

  • Yelling, blackmailing, or using ultimatums will not work and will lead to further distancing and confusion. Instead, when you use a process that is proven to keep everyone on the same page, conversations are more fun.

  • Single parents, married but separated couples, and widows, have it the hardest - but it can be made simple. 


Lasting Results.

Instead of being unaware of what's needed to manage the urges, your child will take this information with them forever.

  • 8 out of 10 children who say they felt comfortable talking with their parents end up having healthy marriages. 

  • The outcome is far greater than transferring information. It's about helping them feel liberated to make an educated decision based on biblical principles. 

  • With your support and Dr. G's guidance, you'll be able to prepare them for the most confusing times of their life. 


What Will Happen If You Choose NOT To Have "The Talk" With Your Child

Critical truths to recognize for any parent...

Someone Else Will (or is)

There's too much media nowadays to hide it all. However, if you set the foundation in the Bible, it always gives them a center to the madness. 

Deep Levels Of Insecurity 

38% of children feel "unloved" because they can't open up and talk about life events and "dark" desires, according to

Poor Decisions

The confusion of not knowing how to handle the new feeling and emotions will lead to poor decision making ability. 

Easily Influenced

The more insecure a child is, the easier they are to be influenced by someone who does not have their best interest in mind. 

Anger & Resentment 

1 in every 6 kids has anger issues tied to the way their parents either (a) spoke to them about critical issues growing up. Or (b) chose to ignore the issue altogether. 

Unhealthy Relationships

Without being equipped to manage their own emotions, they'll be wandering blind in a world that is looking to deceive them at every corner. 

Dr. Corey Gilbert Shows You The Way

Trying to figure this out on your own or even with a group of friends can lead to unnecessary pressure and doubt. When you "Go beyond The Talk" With Dr. G, you're getting

  • Biblical principles sowed into a "made-for-today" curriculum. 

  • ongoing support to help you through the ongoing "micro-discussion" needed to truly make an impact. 

Guided 16 Week 6+ Module Program

The Going Beyond The Talk Program is created so you can prepare yourself for the inevitable. If you plan on having the talk with your child in the next 12 months, this will be very valuable  -- and this needs to be started earlier than you think (or are ready for).

  • Learn exactly what to say, why to say it, and how to back it up with easy-to-understand scripture references. 

  • Depending on one talk to do all the heavy lifting is what puts so much pressure on parents. Instead, Dr. G walks you through a series of micro discussions that are easy to digest for your child. 

  • With less than 10% of children feeling comfortable enough to talk to their parents about anything, your  chances of leaving the lasting impression you want in your kids mind are limited without the proper prep work. 

Here's How It Works

Module 1 - The Church, Sex, Theology & History

  1. The Church and Sex - how did we get here and how can we make a better way

  2. A Theology of Sex - and where is the line? And design?

  3. How do we begin the dialogue?  

  4. What is the history we MUST know to help us go forward well?

Module 2 - Anatomy & God’s Perfect Design

  1. Basic Anatomy - the beauty of God’s design

  2. Love, Sex, and Neuroscience - God’s details


Module 3 - Wrestling with God’s Design

  1. A Theology of Birth Control

  2. Gender Identity and Homosexuality and God’s Purpose in our Struggle

  3. The Transgender Conversation


Module 4 - From Birth to Married

  1. Raising Sexually Healthy Children - what is Age-Appropriate (it’s earlier than you think)?

  2. Theology of Single Adult Sexuality

  3. The Relationship Continuum


Module 5 -Sensitive Topics

  1. Theology of Masturbation

  2. Porn and Sexual Addiction

  3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Infections


  1. Sexual Dysfunctions - when things go wrong in the marriage

  2. Passionate Intimacy Weekend, Book Studies, Small Groups, and Other Ideas

  3. Crazy Good Sex and What Great Sex Can Be

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my child need to ever access the program material? 

What happens if the talk (or series of talks) doesn't go as planned?

Do you offer having the talks with kids, instead of the parents? 

I do.  I tend to do this more with older teens since it feels too late (and it is not). I prefer to help you the PARENT that is on the front line has these.  But I am on your team in any way I can serve