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The first-ever of its kind to allow personalized care for all ages - right at your fingertips!

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We know how difficult it can be to get a face-to-face therapy appointment these days - and how expensive it is.

With the All Access Hope Plan, you'll find yourself in contact with your helper on any device and at the convenience of your own schedule — whenever or wherever is best for you.


This is not therapy.  This is your resource as a couple - either together or separately, for quick help, processing, and involves partnering with a Christian Coach who has been working with couples for over 21 years in capacities such as a university professor, counselor, and in ministry settings, both in the church and in para-church organizations.   ​


This is not therapy.  This is your resource for quick help, processing, and gives you a place to go anytime, anyday as you intentionally move toward your best self, new heights, new levels in your business, in relationships, finding yourself, overcoming, grieving, and being transformed into all God wants you to be. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity.   


As a teenager you can find yourself alone, afraid, and overwhelmed.  Partner with a coach that can help you through anxiety, overcome personal hangups and struggles, address addictive tendencies, and learn to thrive in your life.  You are meant to do great things in your life.   So much is demanding your attention and distracting you from what is most important.  Learn how to remain focused and grow in your faith, life skills, and strength as you prepare to launch into the world as an adult.   

Never again worry about missing valuable advice between sessions because now they're available 24/7 through text message, audio recordings, video conferencing (coming soon), phone calls... whatever means works best for YOU!


Hope Plan Works

You deserve to thrive in your life! With a personal guide by your side, you can get there. Dr. Gilbert is with you from start to finish and will answer any messages at any time - even if it's just for some friendly support or advice along the way. 

Benefits Of The


Gain a guide that you have 24/7 access to for any small or large decision or area in your life that you are wrestling with.  You are no longer doing this alone.  Your marriage.  Your life.  Business decisions.  Boundaries with friends.  Mental health questions and challenges.  You are NO LONGER ALONE>  Dr. Corey Gilbert, PhD is just a message away, via text or audio.  Whichever you prefer. 

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Partnering with someone to help you mitigate the pains associated with depression, anxiety, and stress can transform your life and future.

Finding the right therapist is tough, not to mention the scheduling, then driving, canceled appointments, perhaps even babysitters, - oh, and don;t forget the cost… 


The ALL ACCESS Hope Plan is YOUR LIFELINE to beginning to learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings to change your life in real-time - as needed.

Meet Your Partner for this Season

A Christian, PhD, a Premier Life Coach, Best-selling Author, and Speaker

"My mission is to empower you to do your life with excellence - to not just meet for an hour a week and call it good - rather prepare you to rise above, feel encouraged and empowered, and to do your life well. You are not alone."

Dr. Corey Gilbert

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Here are some stats to help with making your decision. 

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Crafted for change & lasting hope



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ALL ACCESS Hope Plan - VS - In Office Therapy

Get the Right Provider For Your Needs and Mental Health

Finding the right provider, taking time out of the workday to drive to an appointment, sitting in a waiting room full of strangers - these are all reasons people feel overwhelmed when thinking about seeking mental health care. This is where online support and the ALL ACCESS Hope Plan comes in.


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If you feel at the end of the first thirty days that you did  not get the expected treatment, you can send an email to and we'll return every penny. 

Dr. Corey Gilbert

Ph.D, Certified as an expert in trauma and sexuality, Founder of the “Center for Sex & Trauma Education & Transformation”


Real testimonials from past clients

Having access to help on those tough days changed my life.  Being able to sit down and type and process slowly, then get a thoughtful response from Dr. Gilbert was exactly what helped me over the edge and back in control of my life

Joey T.

I didn't realize that I could take back my life so easily.  I had been to therapy for years.  In a matter of months, I was able to learn to manage my anxiety and fears and feel like myself again.  It was so freeing.  The key was having access to help anytime I needed it.

Judy P.

Trusting a helper is hard to do.  Trusting anyone is tough.  I found hope and healing and strength in how Dr. Gilbert guided me and led me towards me taking back my life, overcoming past triggers, and learning to love again.

Todd H.

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